Custom Makes

Have you been looking in shop windows and hunting through the junk mail and not finding exactly what you are looking for? or Perhaps you are feeling pressured by sales staff in chain stores to purchase something you don’t quite love because it is what they have to sell?

At SS Impressions we work with you to create your ideal piece, to suit your taste and budget. We offer CAD renders to you give you an accurate representation of what you finished piece will look like and source ethically mined metal (gold, silver, platinum), diamonds and gemstones from reputable Australian suppliers. A special piece handcrafted especially for you! 

Steven will guide you through the design process, educate you on diamond and stone selection to ensure you are getting the most value for money, and provide you with advice where you might feel you need it all the while ensuring you are comfortable with your final piece.

Looking for an engagement ring but completely overwhelmed by the process and want to keep it a surprise for your someone special? No problem! We will help walk you through the process to find the perfect ring!


Thank you so much for repairing my ring and matching up the diamonds of such an old style piece of jewellery. I an really thrilled with the result and appreciate the work that you put in to restoring it. – D Millar 10.03.17

Broken chains, rings that had to be cutoff or just no longer fit? Missing a clasp or a diamond? A little bag stuffed in a drawer waiting for “one day”? or an urgent repair before a big event? Something highly sentimental that you don’t want to leave with just anyone?

SS Impressions can bring your broken items back to new! You can watch while we work on your precious item or leave it with us to pick up looking brand new! Even if you have been told it can’t be done it doesn’t hurt or cost you anything to ask.

Removing a stuck ring? Please come see us before you attempt to remove it yourself! cutting or bending in the wrong spot can cause irreparable damage to your ring so stop your husband right now and do not let him attempt it with a hacksaw or side cutters. Ring removal is a free service!


Old gold lying around in the bottom of the jewellery box or junk drawer? A sentimental piece that you will never wear but can’t bear to part with? An engagement ring or bridal set from a previous marriage or relationship that you can’t find a buyer for?

All perfect candidates for remodelling!

Ask us how you can go about creating something new that will actually get worn and save some money over a completely new piece!


Just like your car needs regular servicing so to does your jewellery! Gold wears down with regular use and you may just be about to loose the main diamond in your engagement ring and not even know it! You should have your settings checked every 12months or more often if you are rough with your jewellery.

Did you know your white gold jewellery should be re-rhodium plated approximately once ever 12 months? Rhodium plating is the process that takes your ring back to looking brand new and bright white. 

You wouldn’t run your car until it stopped so don’t wear the jewellery until it falls apart.

We check your jewellery free of charge and recommend and repairs or maintenance you may need.

All jewellery made by us comes with free annual clean & check, no need to purchase any extended warranties or care plans!

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